How to not waste the weekend

So today I woke up feeling really lousy as I ached all over and had a sore throat, it took me a while to get up but I managed to sort out my laundry so at least I have clean clothes now! Plodded on with some more work, completed almost all work now with a couple essays to write still. This afternoon I just chilled watching outlander, very good series so far, worth a watch. Cooked a rather balanced dinner tonight in hope it will clear out my bad throat, oh I’ve drank so much today I’m basically all water (more so than usual). Dodgeball was good although I think I’ve pulled a muscle in my shoulder so that won’t be fun tomorrow.


How to dodgeball

After getting a team together a couple of days ago, today there was a dodgeball tournament which was actually a load of fun. 6 teams of 6 people. plenty of carnage. My team played really well together, some really good dodges and catches! Plus I’ve got training tomorrow with team trials on Thursday which should be good. So having sweated out the river Nile I decided to sit down all afternoon and do some work, I answered some question sets and done my pre labs for Mondays experiment. Looks like we are investigating nitrogen compounds, eg: ammonia and nitrate ions. However working all afternoon has consequently left me with a really bad headache so probably an early night for me and still have lots of work to do tomorrow!

Dad on 24/7 tech support

Breakfast as usual, obviously chocolate wheat a bix, fave. Rushed to first lecture at 9am where we got shown some next level questions which scared me a tiny bit, however questions now are more to make you think about the concepts you’ve learnt rather than correct or incorrect answers on a mark scheme. Then spent 2 hours trying to get my laptop to work properly as software kept freezing, shout out to dad who is my  24/7 tech support, OG. Then had my next lecture which basically summarised our lecture content so far for one of my 6 modules, always good to know what we’ve covered and where we’re going next. Chilled out in the SU bar for half hour or so waiting for the labs session. Todays Labs was on Sulfur and it’s compounds, jumped a bit when heating solid sulphur with Bunsen burner, as little did I  know it makes a loud popping noise when it reaches a certain temperature, so that was a bit of a shock when you’re holding a roaring Bunsen burner. lol bants. Planning on going to the SU bar for a short while this evening with some of my flat mates and a few others, since it is a Friday night. oh I also had a near whole tub of ben and jerry’s, I’ve found it to be a good medicine for a stressful lab session.

Daily blog

Well today hasbeen a sunny day! I had some work to do like prelabs for fridays lab.I went to an introduction to peer assisted learning, basically just got free biscuits! Also had some time to go  get some groceries which I needed before dodgeball, oh I also had a whole pizza to myself and ate it all. Dodgeballs session was focused on dodging techniques, although most of the time its down to improv when 5 balls are thrown your way. I’ve completely binge watched amazon’s original series “start up” worth a watch, two seasons with tonnes of action and drama! Having to make do with soya bread this week has been a struggle but down to a few slices left thankfully. So far I’m feeling comfortable being in this new environment hopefully continues, met lots of people most of which I’ve forgotten names but getting better with them for sure.

ps. formattingproblems in the first few lines keeps deleting text as I write for some reason…actually mental note: cannot go back and edit sentences makes problem worse.

University life

Today began with the fire alarm ringing at 9:45am, although by the time I had thrown on some clothes the alarm had stopped. Who needs your own alarm clock when neighbours are burning toast… This morning I took notes on a guest lecture on medicinal chemistry, the  lecturer focused on how drugs work and specifically the treatment of cancer. They told us about Taxol and how ridiculous this is to obtain as 3kg of pacific yew tree bark would yield 100 mg which is one dose to treat a cancer patient. So she lead us through the journey chemists have been on to synthesise, which is very difficult due to the complexity and now they semi-synthesise from a similar molecule and just add bits on that they need to.

I had another lecture on how to write a lab report which was time I’d never get back, but you have to attend these things. Afterwards I was super starving so had some lunch then went into town to get a haircut, I found a decent looking place and just went in and they did a good job I think, ha it was a rather hipstery place. My aunt and cousin came to campus to watch a gig so I met them for an hour before hand and caught up with them…

Forensics stepping up

Last nights basketball was tiring we did half an hour of shooting drills in teams with forfeits for the losing teams, just to make it that bit more competitive! Followed by mini 5vs5 half court matches which was good as I got to play with a different set of lads, for some reason people want to play man to man defence which always ends up in most people running around like headless chickens… This morning I had two hours on understanding quantum numbers and different electron orbitals. The new model of how electrons behave which was introduced to us makes much more sense than points floating round a nucleus in rings. I had the chance to take on the role as an exhibits officer as we embarked on a mock burglary in forensics, we took several pieces of evidence such as footprints and a couple of objects that the burglar must have touched. the crome scene was in such a creepy building in the woods behind the university which creeped us all out somewhat.

Trip Home

This weekend I went home and spent time with family and my girlfriend which was much needed. So I did not have time to write a blog. Anyway today I had what seemed a short experiment but I had to wait around for a long period waiting for solids to form and I had to do several vacuum filtrations and wait for the solid remaining to dry, however it was a fairly interesting practical as we got to see the formation of tetramethylammonium triiodide which was formed in dark purple crystals. spent a couple of hours this afternoon getting up to date with question sets and going back over lecture notes ready for this weeks new content! I accidentally bought soya bread. Its average I guess. Picked up some other groceries too a fair bit of meat again. Today’s dinner was probably the most balanced yet with a grilled pork loin with a handful of fries and some carrots peas and broccoli. This evening I’ve got two hours of basketball, now my finger has calmed down on the swelling, I can now bend it a fair bit, as before being three times the size it should be, movement was limited somewhat!